Saint Thaddeus Monastery or Kara Kilise


Saint Thaddeus Monastery: Azarbaijan Province
Also referred to by the name of Kara Kilise, Saint Thaddeus Monastery is one of the biggest churches in Iran.Situated in Azarbaijan Province in the western Iran, Saint Thaddeus Monastery is an Armenian Monastery.

This huge church was recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the year 2008. Dating back to AD 68, the castle was severely destroyed during an earthquake in the year 1319 but was rebuilt in the year 1329.

The church was further renovated in the early 19th century by Qajar Prince, Abbas Mirza, and that is what stands today so majestically. In the early part of July every year, a service is organized here which attracts pilgrims from all over Iran.

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