Pear-Shaped Vase from 8th century


Silver vessels counted among the Sasanian Empire’s most highly desired luxury goods. Their production continued into the Islamic period, suggesting continuity of artistic traditions despite the more global cultural shifts taking place with the arrival of Islam in the region.           Two strong Islamic traditions come together in this bottle: its shape and medium recall the Sasanian heritage of Iran, while its decoration in the beveled style is characteristic of Abbasid developments in Samarra, Iraq. The winged shapes around the gilded, bead-like focal points are also reminiscent of Sasanian works.

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Object Name: Vase
Date: 8th century
Geography: Iran
Culture: Islamic
Medium: Silver; gilded and worked (repoussée)
Dimensions: H. 7 3/16 in. (18.3 cm) Diam. (at widest part of body) 4 5/16 in. (11.0 cm) Wt. 501g
Classification: Metal
Credit Line: Pfeiffer Fund, 1969
پیشنهاد مدیر سایت :   The ancient city of Qalhat

Categories:   Sassanid Studies


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    يك پيشنهاد دارم اگه ميشه مطالب انگليسي رو به فارسي هم ترجمه كنين تا قابل استفاده همه باشه