The Babylonian prophet Mani founded the religion known as Manichaeism in the 3rd century AD. Scholars believe that Manichaeism was a form of Gnosticism, a system of belief based on the importance of grasping religious mysteries with the mind. In Manichaeanism, as in all types of Gnosticism, salvation was achieved through knowledge rather than through good works or divine grace .

Manichaeanism also combined elements of the major religions existing at the time, especially Zoroastrianism, Buddhism and Christianity.

“captured from Encyclopeadia Britannica” imanich001p1

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      yes of course the Manichean also used the main and effective myths of other nation or communities in their process of Movement.
      The Art of Calligraphy and Painting were extremely used by Manichean followers and its coreligionist .

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